Who would have thunk?

Ever wondered how to get the inside of your dishwasher all sparkly and clean?  Use Kool-Aid! Oh, Yeaahh!


Take one packet of  lemon Kool-Aid, add it in as you would your detergent, and run it through a wash cycle. Lemon Kool-Aid, sans sugar, is just a highly concentrated dose of citric acid. The citric acid will eat away all the gunk leaving you with a lemony fresh and sparkly dishwasher! Best part is, it’s cheap. Better part, you aren’t using harmful chemicals for the same result. Try it out.

I promised to post more… I lied!

We’re back! After a long absence due to computer issues, surgery, sickness, and chaos…we are back! 


I will touch on a few things quickly rather than a HUGE blog. I can’t deal with writing a HUGE blog right now. Believe me, I have tried, but I am going on 4 weeks of some seriously screwie sleep patterns and there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the universe to wake me up or inspire me to rehash all the hairy details. So here we go…

  • Computer Crash: this happened in January right before Rowen’s big birthday
  • Hand Surgery: I had a large Cell Tumor removed from my hand with a 2 week recovery all while in a cast
  • Appendectomy : Derek came home a week to the day after my hand surgery and said “We need to go to the ER, I have appendicitis”
  • High Fever: Rowen was rushed to the ER with a 105º fever and a bacterial infection

So all of these things explain my absence, and though the computer had been fixed for a while now, we have been dealing with surgeries and a very sick little boy. The best part is that we made it. We did it! Now we are ready to get back into a normal routine and hopefully blog a bit more in the process. 

Thanks to all of our family and friends for all of your help, we couldn’t have done it with out you!

Happy New Year

We ‘re finally back. Back with a renewed interest in blogging and a promise to blog more in 2010!

New Years Eve started with dinner here at our place with some of our favorite people, The Mitts. I would say it was a nice quiet dinner but with 2,  11 month old, babies in tow our dinner was anything but quiet. Derek played chef, we had some wine, played with the kiddo’s, and enjoyed the last day of 2009. Rowen and Ada even had their own little candle light pizza dinner.

Rowen hit the hay early. He has been super tired by about 7:15 these days. Doug Lynette, and Ada hung around for a bit and by 9 they were on the way home and Derek and I were settled in on the couch to wait it out until 12:00. I did well until about 11:55 then I promptly feel asleep. Derek woke me up a minute before 12 and I was able to watch the count down but when straight up to be as soon as it was all over. We really  are such party animals!

Wishing you all the best in 2010!

Big Boy

As of today Rowen is 5 months & 7 days old. Hard to believe in that time he has gone from a sleepy lump to a VERY active, busy, silly, sweet, & cuddly big boy. Honestly I feel like we won the baby lottery. He is easy to read, easy going, and a joy to have. Of course he has his moments, and yes, I have even threatened to sell him to Gypsy’s but I would never do it!

The Ro Bird seems to have a bit of a sly side. He gives these looks as if to say “I’ve got your number lady”. You can just tell that he is up to something as he looks at you out of the corner of his eye and flashes a smile. I have a feeling we may be in trouble.
He loves the ladies! Just the other day he was flirting with a girl behind us in line at Barnes & Noble. He smiled, cooed, gave her a the sly look, and flashed a sassy smile. He loves the check out girls at Harris Teeter, and has even stopped what he was doing to check out a pretty girl on TV. He seems to like older ladies, for the most part, but does have a special place in his heart for one younger chick (I’m talkin‘ bout you , Ada).

As I said Rowen is a busy baby. We get him up from his nap, have a bottle, and he is on the move. Loves to stand, reaches for everything, tries to crawl… is dangerously close, & rolls all over the floor. Give him another month and he will be crawling. I have really had to start keeping and eye on him to make sure he doesn’t roll or scoot to far. Looks like a I need a Play Yard sooner than I thought. On the day these pictures were taken he tried to play steam roller with Ada ended up with his bottom on her head.  

Here are some of his current likes…

  • Solid Foods- so far he loves anything we give him and has even started going “mmm mmm mmm” and banging his hands on the highchair tray for more.
  • TV-we have to monitor his TV watching, He would watch all day if we let him. His faves are Mickey Mouse, Special Agent Oso, Max & Ruby, & Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • Taggie Blanket- he likes to hold it and wave it up and down like a flag.
  • His Thumb-looks like we have a thumb sucker. Fine with me, I’m glad that he is able to sooth himself. Plus it’s way cute.
  • Daddy’s hair. He loves for Derek to put his head down and shake it. Rowen puts his hands in D’s hair and just giggles.
  • Vacuum- he has always liked it but it can really distracting him if he is upset. I just put him in his bouncy seat, turn it on, and go to town. Not only is he happy but I have clean floors.
  • Outside-he would be outside all day if we let him. Those days where we got a lot of rain I thought we both may go insane. We head daily for walks and each night as it cools off to look at flowers and bugs.
I wouldn’t say Rowen has any real dislikes. He gets fussy in the afternoon as most babies do and he has his moments but mostly he is very calm. I would say he is more indifferent to things than just not liking them. When we started solids I braced myself for protest, spitting, the “what he hell is this face”, we got nothin‘. He looked up at us and then swallowed it. No smile no frown, just there and along for the ride. Same thing with the pool. He could take it or leave it.  I am sure he will warm up to the pool in time and as for the food he is showing more interest than he was. Lets hop he continues to approach things with caution unlike his mother who throws herself right in. Sometimes that gets you in to trouble. 

Happy Father’s Day

Happy 1st Father’s Day, Derek!

You are an amazing father!

You are a fantastic husband!

I am so proud of the man that you are and the father that you have become. We  love you so much and hope you have a wonderful first Father’s Day.
C and Ro Bird

Solid Food Update

So we started Rowen on solids food a few weeks back and he loves eating however the Rice Cereal was a bust. Seems to cause some tummy upset. He would open his mouth and gladly take the food  but 1/2 way through would get upset, cry , and was very uncomfortable. After stopping the Rice Cereal for a few days we decided to move to Oatmeal. The plan is to give it to him every other day for a while to see how that sets.  Any moms out there have any similar issues? What did you do?

Action Shot

On Sunday we got together with The Mitts for some catching up, beers, seafood, and fruit pie (oh the fruit pie!!!)  We did most of our hangin‘ out on the back porch and since it was a little hot we stripped the kiddo’s down to their diapers and plopped them on a blanket. Ada and Rowen finally seemed to notice each other, without our prompting, and even chatted a little. 

Thanks to Lynette for taking the cute pictures!

Check out this “action shot” of Rowen. Gotta love all the drool!

Kind Deed at the Chick-A-Flick

Yes,  that’s right, Chick-a-flick. One of my Great Aunts or Uncles used to call it that. Anyway…my point. Was headed through the drive through last week to grab a quick bite while Ro napped in the carseat. I was starving and also wanted to enjoy one last fast food meal before I start eating more healthy. Anyway, I placed my order, waited in the line, got my money ready and pulled up to the window. I was expecting my total but instead heard “the lady in front of you paid for your lunch”. I was stunned! I didn’t know this person, there was no reason for her to do this, I was confused. I asked a few times ‘are you sure?”.  I still couldn’t believe it! What a nice thing to do for a stranger! Totally made my day. So my plan is to pass along a kind deed. Not once and a while but everyday. I certainly wont be paying for someones fast food since I am taking a break, but I’ll come up with something. 
Pass it on…do a kind deed for a stranger!


Last night we tried Rice Cereal and it was a success. I was prepared to have it all over me, the kitchen, and even had bath supplies ready but our boy ate it like a pro. He even grunted and asked for more. I am interested to see how the next feeding goes. 

Here are some pics and a video.

Poor Ro

Rowen was just a beast after his vaccines. Tired, cranky, manic, exhausted…you name it. Would not nap for days. He wanted to be silly and play, you could see it in his eyes and he would give a sly little smile, but he just didn’t have the energy. It took about 4 days for him to get back to the Rowen we all know and love. I have such mixed feelings about vaccines. I know they are needed, the alternative to not having them can be detrimental, but they reek such havoc. His poor body was seething with chemicals and virus, his body was fighting so hard. Here is a shot of Rowen passed out.  At night he would be so tired from not napping that he would fall out. This is not normal for him. He likes to put himself to sleep in his crib.